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Any moresome: Bravo Two orgy!


Any pairing/moresome: combat discipline

Any pairing/moresome: double penetration


Any pairing: He taught his Marines the right way to polish his boots.
Any pairing: Zombie hunting! (based on trolleys art)

Any pairing: Art gallery
Any pairing: Breakfast

Any pairing: Lace underwear
Any pairing: "I've been fighting dirty my whole life."

Any pairing: "I don't want anybody else/And when I think about you/I touch myself" (lyric by the Divinyls)
Any pairing: "I'll do such things to ease your pain/Free your mind and you won't feel ashamed/Open up gonna come inside/Gonna fill you up/Make you cry" (lyric by Sophie B. Hawkins)
Any pairing: "There's a certain satisfaction/In a little bit of pain" (lyric by Madonna)
Any pairing: "tied you to the kitchen chair/She broke your throne, and she cut your hair/And from your lips she drew the Hallelujah" (lyric by Leonard Cohen)
Any pairing: "You stole my stroke book."
Any pairing: clamps (nipple or cock)
any pairing: debating (or perhaps testing) Espera's theory on being able to 'meditate' yourself to orgasm
Any pairing: dildo/plug
Any pairing: dirty magazines
Any pairing: Dirty talk
Any pairing: fisting
Any pairing: penance/punishment
Any pairing: rimming
Any pairing: Sex toys (the real thing or making do)
Any pairing: snowballing
Any pairing: There's a reason 1st Recon keeps running out of gun lube, and it's not all due to their weapons...
Any pairing: toys
Any pairing: uniform fetish
Any pairing: watersports
Any pairing: Wet dreams
Any pairing: writing on the body

Any pairing: Working at a porn mag AU

Any pairing: Generation Kill in space

Any pairing: beer
Any pairing: don't ask, ain't telling
Any pairing: under the wire


Any pairings: The Newlywed Game with Ray as the host - AU.

Any threesome: Quote - Three may keep a secret, if two of them are dead.

Any threesome/moresome: a lesson in logistics

Bravo Two: prayer beads (the marines liked to collect them...) What if someone had decided to incapacitate the battalion by planting a few cursed love beads.
Bravo Two: Sacred Band of Thebes

Bravo Two: Werewolf!AU
Bravo Two: Genetically engineered/adapted soldier(possibly with werewolf traits)!AU

Bravo Two: Christeson is showing off his tattoo, which leads to the question of who has/hasn't got a tatt and where it is.

Bravo Two/Fick: ice cream is served
Bravo Two/Fick: LT cleans his weapons


Bravo Two/Hasser: The guys in the platoon tries to make Walt feel better after the roadblock, both separately and/or together.


Bravo Two/Person: Ray likes to take it.


Brunmeier/Chaffin: "Happy birthday, B! You're about to get your head shot off."

Brunmeier/Hasser: Ball sweat and sand ain't exactly KY.


Bryan: One good thing.

Bryan: Though he'd never attempt to fuck any of the men he'd strives so hard to keep safe, it doesn't mean the thoughts aren't there when it's just him and his hand.


Bryan/anyone: It's Doc's job to patch up his Marines.
Bryan/anyone: simplicity

Bryan/Colbert: hurt/comfort


Bryan/Fick: "Anger is a brief madness." Horace

Bryan/Fick: broken coffee mug
Bryan/Fick: dogeared
Bryan/Fick: strawberry ice cream


Bryan/Hasser: "I'm always angry. I was born that way. I'm an asshole." (GK)


Bryan/Kocher/(more if you wish): discussing methods of sedation involving Captain America

Bryan/Kocher: In the darkness, you can be whoever you want
Bryan/Kocher: Sweet kisses turned bitter with war


Bryan/OFC: She makes him chill the fuck out.


Bryan/Patterson: insubordination

Burris/Fawcett: It wasn't just the dead Iraq's what got Damon hard.

Burris/Fawcett: Keeping this dirty secret.

Carisalez/Kocher: Letting out their frustration

Carisalez/Kocher: On your knees


Chaffin: He is having a combat jack with the thoughts of Rudy/Pappy in his mind


Chaffin/Garza: Post-war in a dark alley. Rough. James loves his black brothers really.

Chaffin/Garza: "jus' keep sucking"
Chaffin/Garza: Bite me
Chaffin/Garza: First found each other when training for the Corps


Christeson/Hasser: contraband


Christeson/Stafford: in the back of the humvee
Christeson/Stafford: lessons

Christeson/Stafford: What the LT and Gunny don't know about the back of their truck won't hurt anyone.

Christeson/Stafford: for example

Colbert: In the UK - since when did a swim mean going to France?


Colbert/any: "Sex without love is an empty gesture. But as empty gestures go, it is one of the best." (Woody Allen)

Colbert/any/OFC: Brad still likes paying for it once in a while
Colbert/any/OFC: Two's a couple, three's a party


Colbert/Espera: Relaxed

Colbert/Espera: "Sometimes the night scares me, dog. I don't like to be alone." "Don't let the men hear you say that."

Colbert/Espera: banter hides sexual attraction
Colbert/Espera: From now on, you have to earn your stories.

Colbert/Fick: "Oooh, Dress Blues and a sword. Fucking dress blues commercial, that got so many guys!"
Colbert/Fick: After Brad is wounded in Somalia, Nate is tasked with playing nursemaid. Is a blow job just what the doctor ordered? Nate thinks so.
Colbert/Fick: berm
Colbert/Fick: Brad tops from the bottom.
Colbert/Fick: dogtags
Colbert/Fick: Hail to the chief, a celebration of victory on Inauguration Night.
Colbert/Fick: Halloween is Nate's favorite time of year. What kind of antics do Brad and Nate get up to on All Hallow's Eve?
Colbert/Fick: How do Brad and Nate pass the time, waiting for their daughter to come home from her first day of kindergarten?
Colbert/Fick: I'm half a world away here (lyric by REM)
Colbert/Fick: in the stacks, bedroom eyes, mussed
Colbert/Fick: It's the same dream that lasts all night (lyric by Piano Magic)
Colbert/Fick: Jealous!Brad realizes Nate's body isn't enough. He wants Nate turning to him instead of Mike Wynn.
Colbert/Fick: Jealous!Nate can handle Ray at Brad's six but that adoring way Hasser has of looking at his TL sets Nate's teeth on edge.
Colbert/Fick: Nate courting Brad with LSA and batteries
Colbert/Fick: Nate fucking Brad
Colbert/Fick: Nate wants a closer look at Brad's tattoo.
Colbert/Fick: Nate wearing nothing but regulation black briefs
Colbert/Fick: on campaign with Alexander the Great
Colbert/Fick: Semper Fidelis isn't just the Marine motto. It's how Brad and Nate live, every day with each other.
Colbert/Fick: soap
Colbert/Fick: superpowers
Colbert/Fick: tempting fate
Colbert/Fick: There are days when I want to suck on Nate all day long, and that's not just because I'm a vampire.
Colbert/Fick: Two Marines, sitting on a porch swing in their Class As, eating apple pie and drinking a coke. Does it get any more American than this?
Colbert/Fick: war is kind
Colbert/Fick: Who really shows up on Brad's doorstep, fresh and hot like a pizza, is not who he was expecting.
Colbert/Fick: "I count him braver who overcomes his desires than him who conquers his enemies, for the hardest victory is over self." Aristotle
Colbert/Fick: "I like a man who grins when he fights." Churchill
Colbert/Fick: Bounty hunter AU
Colbert/Fick: discovery
Colbert/Fick: First night back home
Colbert/Fick: Harvard bar
Colbert/Fick: Librarian AU
Colbert/Fick: Webcam

Colbert/Fick: joining the mile high club
Colbert/Fick: pre-Iraq
Colbert/Fick: boarding school AU
Colbert/Fick: Nate's good at persuasion
Colbert/Fick: AU in which Bravo Two is a platoon of wizards
Colbert/Fick: college AU
Colbert/Fick: Clothes stealing/swapping
Colbert/Fick: I bet you wondered how I knew
Colbert/Fick: longing
Colbert/Fick: Phone sex
Colbert/Fick: The Brits do things differently
Colbert/Fick: The navy AU - "Nothing but rum, sodomy and the lash." - Winston Churchill

Colbert/Fick: Biting his cherry-blossom lip.
Colbert/Fick: "He will kill for you" (He War, Cat Power)
Colbert/Fick: "I thought it was bigger."
Colbert/Fick: "If I cannot take you for a liar or a lover, I'll take you for my brother in arms" (Fonder Heart, Anaïs Mitchell)
Colbert/Fick: "If I don't come back dead then I'm coming to make you mine" (The Soldier, M. Craft)
Colbert/Fick: "Our deal. You came through with your part of it. This is my part." (American Gods, Neil Gaiman)
Colbert/Fick: "Somehow I doubt I'll be remembered as 'Brad the Great.'" (OBA)
Colbert/Fick: A drunk Lt. Fick is not something Sgt. Colbert sees everyday...
Colbert/Fick: Almost a kiss
Colbert/Fick: based on this article and video.
Colbert/Fick: camouflage lessons
Colbert/Fick: conspiracy
Colbert/Fick: diplomacy
Colbert/Fick: faith
Colbert/Fick: fic based on this photo
Colbert/Fick: First blowjob
Colbert/Fick: Gay chicken
Colbert/Fick: Locard's exchange principle
Colbert/Fick: make-up sex
Colbert/Fick: men in uniform
Colbert/Fick: porn stack
Colbert/Fick: role reversal
Colbert/Fick: Surprise meeting at the airport
Colbert/Fick: wager

Colbert/Fick: Brad getting used to having a partner on his level (as opposed to subordinates/commander)
Colbert/Fick: Brad thinks Nate is doing somebody else ---> porny jealous visions of Nate with *everybody*.
Colbert/Fick: insubordination
Colbert/Fick: marines during the Bonaparte era
Colbert/Fick: Ray has a theory about Brad's new girlfriend - she's a lesser version of LT Fick

Colbert/Fick: batteries

Colbert/Fick: work-out session

Colbert/Fick: skinny-dipping

Colbert/Fick: libo

Colbert/Fick: promotion

Colbert/Fick: SERE

Colbert/Fick: At what price the moral high ground?

Colbert/Fick: calling the cadence

Colbert/Fick: PT showers

Colbert/Fick: "The men in the Second Platoon (who) universally respect, if not adore their commander, Lt. Fick." (GK) or, how the whole platoon has a boycrush on the LT.
Colbert/Fick: "Try not. Do, or do not." (Yoda)
Colbert/Fick: auto-erotic asphyxiation
Colbert/Fick: Brad asks Nate to wear a buttplug all day, while in uniform
Colbert/Fick: Brad catches Nate having a combat jack, and secretly watches him
Colbert/Fick: Brad draws on Nate's naked back
Colbert/Fick: Brad holding Nate's penis for him while he pees
Colbert/Fick: Brad likes to be naked, especially when he knows Nate's watching
Colbert/Fick: bravery has nothing to do with it
Colbert/Fick: cockring
Colbert/Fick: distance, reunion
Colbert/Fick: Fick singing
Colbert/Fick: first meeting
Colbert/Fick: foot washing
Colbert/Fick: hot wax
Colbert/Fick: ice cubes
Colbert/Fick: never had gay sex
Colbert/Fick: not enough
Colbert/Fick: one shaving the other
Colbert/Fick: rimming
Colbert/Fick: shibboleth
Colbert/Fick: somnophilia
Colbert/Fick: there's a reason Lt Fick picked a covered humvee
Colbert/Fick: washing blood or dirt off the other

Colbert/Fick: "Bite me." "Okay."
Colbert/Fick: "Don't fucking tell me what I need, Sergeant." So Brad shows him instead.
Colbert/Fick: "Is this a date, sir?"
Colbert/Fick: "No one can say that the Marines have failed to do their work in handsome fashion." Major General Hagood, U.S. Army
Colbert/Fick: "Permission to jack off to your mouth, sir."
Colbert/Fick: "The Marines I have seen around the world have the cleanest bodies, the filthiest minds, the highest morale, and the lowest morals of any group of animals I have ever seen. Thank God for the United States Marine Corps!" - Eleanor Roosevelt
Colbert/Fick: "You're home late."
Colbert/Fick: Aggressor - Nate is determined to have Brad.
Colbert/Fick: As an outlet for this thing he has for Nate, Brad writes - then immediately burns - filthy letters to Nate. When he's injured before he can burn the latest, Doc finds the letter and gives it to Nate (in case Brad gets casevaced). Brad doesn't.
Colbert/Fick: at least I loved enough to hurt (More Than This, Shane Mack)
Colbert/Fick: AU: 21 Marines walk into a bar... barman!Nate
Colbert/Fick: based on the lyrics to the song Drive, by Melissa Ferrick. Lyrics can be found here. Song, here.
Colbert/Fick: black briefs
Colbert/Fick: Brad (stealthy recon motherfucker that he is) starts stealing kisses from Nate - no words, no explanation - and then acts like nothing happened. It's enough to make Nate think he's going insane.
Colbert/Fick: Brad stumbles across Nate in the middle of what he thinks is a combat jack, but it turns out to be stress/exhaustion induced tears. Which Brad finds inexplicably arousing.
Colbert/Fick: Brad's a low level telepath, but Nate happens to be one of those he picks up loud and clear. Which isn't a problem until Nate starts thinking about fucking Brad with a clarity and aggressively creative raunchiness that surprises the fuck out of Brad. And Brad is a telepath in the middle of a bunch of Marines, so that's saying something.
Colbert/Fick: 'Cause I always have to steal my kisses from you (Steal my Kisses, Ben Harper)
Colbert/Fick: club!fic
Colbert/Fick: Complete and total abstinence
Colbert/Fick: Complete and total abstinence, possibly with the use of purity rings
Colbert/Fick: Complete and total abstinence, possibly with the use of chastity belts.
Colbert/Fick: Domestic schmoop with kittens. And porn. But not porn with kittens.
Colbert/Fick: don't love me quietly (Nearly Civilized, Esthero)
Colbert/Fick: email sex? (Along the same lines as phone sex, only it can be drawn out over a longer period of time)
Colbert/Fick: Evan Wright is a lot more perceptive than the Marines give him credit for.
Colbert/Fick: Field punishment
Colbert/Fick: flight layover in Germany coming home from Iraq
Colbert/Fick: flowers
Colbert/Fick: getting caught in the rain
Colbert/Fick: H/C first time - Hurt Nate and protective Brad.
Colbert/Fick: home
Colbert/Fick: how can I stand here with you and not be moved by you (Everything, Lifehouse)
Colbert/Fick: I know they all look so good from a distance but I tell you I'm the one (Everybody here wants you, Jeff Buckley)
Colbert/Fick: ice cream
Colbert/Fick: In Bomb in the Garden, a few seconds after Brad climbs out of the hole, the bomb goes off, knocking him and Nate to the ground. Later, Colbert hunts Nate down, determined to repay him for saving his life.
Colbert/Fick: In episode one, during the sandstorm.
Colbert/Fick: It doesn't bother Nate that Brad still frequents whores, especially when he's right there with him.
Colbert/Fick: Japanese rope bondage
Colbert/Fick: Jealous Brad - Brad sees another guy hitting on Fick and decides he'd better take action before he misses his chance.
Colbert/Fick: jealous!Brad
Colbert/Fick: karaoke
Colbert/Fick: Last goodbye, Jeff Buckley
Colbert/Fick: melting the Iceman
Colbert/Fick: memories
Colbert/Fick: mirror
Colbert/Fick: musical theatre AU
Colbert/Fick: Nate may look like a straight-laced, tweed clad, Ivy League prodigy with a stick up his ass, but Brad knows all too well that this isn't the case.
Colbert/Fick: Nate's goodbye party
Colbert/Fick: Oblivous cocktease
Colbert/Fick: on vacation
Colbert/Fick: one last chance
Colbert/Fick: One of them talks in their sleep.
Colbert/Fick: Outed - After being on the dl for a while, someone outs the guys.
Colbert/Fick: Outrageous (likely bullshit) stories of 'how I lost my virginity' are being exchanged, when asked, Nate jokes that he's still a virgin. Brad later corners him and offers to pop his cherry.
Colbert/Fick: Person tells Colbert that Fick's got a tattoo, but refuses to say what or where. Colbert gets insanely curious and starts doing recon. Turns out Person was lying, but Colbert doesn't know that until he gets a good look at every naked inch of Nate's skin.
Colbert/Fick: pining
Colbert/Fick: Post series, first time, at a party (where Brad's not expected to show) Nate takes an offered joint, gets higher than expected (mellow, not freaked), then Brad shows. Taking advantage ensues.
Colbert/Fick: Post series, first time, Brad gives Nate a ride on his bike. Bonus points for Nate getting embarassingly hard.
Colbert/Fick: Post series, Nate (quietly) comes out. Brad finds this out and hunts Nate down.
Colbert/Fick: Pulling away - Brad's noticed Nate is pulling away from him and decides to take corrective action.
Colbert/Fick: Road Trip - Broken Hybrid car, bitchy bikeless Brad and Nate making do.
Colbert/Fick: Rolling Stone drugs
Colbert/Fick: Sacrifices - Brad has to decide what he's willing to give up to have Nate.
Colbert/Fick: secluded beach, Colbert takes Fick jetskiing
Colbert/Fick: slow lazy sex
Colbert/Fick: Some seriously Austin-esque tiny hand-touch UST build up, that Nate thinks may or may not be sexual until one post combat-jack time where Brad's fingers are wet.
Colbert/Fick: Some woman comes up to Nate and gives him a big kiss on the mouth before he can stop her. She leaves red lipstick on his mouth. Brad notices.
Colbert/Fick: there WAS an ex-BF for Nate, and he's trying to win him back from Brad
Colbert/Fick: threesome
Colbert/Fick: time
Colbert/Fick: tourist
Colbert/Fick: Whores don't count.
Colbert/Fick: With those lips and eyes, Nate should have been a girl. Sometimes, Brad can't help making him up.
Colbert/Fick: WWII AU, following the 1st Marine Division from Guadalcanal, to Peleliu, to Okinawa. Two men have a lot of time to get to know each other, in a campaign that long.

Colbert/Fick: firewall
Colbert/Fick: running with scissors
Colbert/Fick: Skittles

Colbert/Fick: Colbert sees Fick getting laid (with a girl)
Colbert/Fick: Genderswitch - preferably when they're out there in the field.
Colbert/Fick: Always-been-a-girl!Nate
Colbert/Fick: Colbert's not the only one with his eyes on Nate
Colbert/Fick: Fucking dragons!

Colbert/Fick: Soaking
Colbert/Fick: Hiking
Colbert/Fick: Silence

Colbert/Fick: "Looks like you won some hearts and minds, sir. And some tongue."

Colbert/Fick: After Nate finds Brad in the hole trying to defuse the bomb, it's time to clear the air once and for all.
Colbert/Fick: Brad's girlfriend wants him back. Ray doesn't approve and gets Nate involved.
Colbert/Fick: tasting ice cream.

Colbert/Fick: "Tell me what you want."
Colbert/Fick: "The first thing I want to do when we get stateside/libo..."
Colbert/Fick: Brad seems like the possessive one, but Nate is equally fierce that way
Colbert/Fick: He should be paying attention in class, but Brad made sure he had other things on his mind
Colbert/Fick: arousing suspicion

Colbert/Fick: teeth

Colbert/Fick: seduction is a slow campaign

Colbert/Fick: five uses for jalapeno cheese sauce

Colbert/Fick: S.W.A.T team
Colbert/Fick: Rock musicians
Colbert/Fick: fender-bender introduces a Marine to a civilian
Colbert/Fick: body-swap
Colbert/Fick: Vietnam AU
Colbert/Fick: "Walk away now and you're gonna start a war" (lyric by The National, "Start a War")

Colbert/Fick: everybody knows
Colbert/Fick: first impressions of the new LT unfavourable until...
Colbert/Fick: fuck or someone will die
Colbert/Fick: huddling for warmth aka hypothermia -> porn
Colbert/Fick: is fucking considered fraternization?
Colbert/Fick: Nate is captured by enemy forces - Brad leads the rescue mission, and in his relief at finding Nate, he reveals to Nate how he feels about him.
Colbert/Fick: neither sees it coming but most everyone else does
Colbert/Fick: officers eat last
Colbert/Fick: President Fick AU: you bought me a bulletproof tie?
Colbert/Fick: sexting
Colbert/Fick: wings


Colbert/Fick, other: If that's your boyfriend, he wasn't last night
Colbert/Fick/Anyone: long roadtrip around the states, seeing the guys post-war = pit stops for sexytimes

Colbert/Fick, Ray/Walt, Rudy/Pappy: Nobody asked and no one told; that's why they all ended up in the same sex party.


Colbert/Fick/Person: Everybody has a limit to what they'll take: Brad and Nate try to find Ray's
Colbert/Fick/Person: Nate admires Brad's skill with knots

Colbert/Fick with UST Person: kissing in the dark

Colbert/Fick/Person: Nate wasn't expecting his first homosexual experience to be a threesome with two men under his command, but Marines make do.


Colbert/Fick, Walt: Hero worship


Colbert/Fick/Wynn: Three Marines, two shot glasses, a bottle of tequila, and Nate's paddle

Colbert/Hasser/Person: That shut Ray up.

Colbert/Hasser/Person: Walt only looks innocent.


Colbert/Lovell: They've served together long enough to know how to make do.

Colbert/Person: 'he's not heavy, he's my brother'
Colbert/Person: rimming, "I want to make you scream"
Colbert/Person: 'Wanted: Dead or Alive' (Bon Jovi)
Colbert/Person: "I need my RTO."
Colbert/Person: "Josh Person, he's a great guy. A little over the top at times." (reference)
Colbert/Person: size difference.
Colbert/Person: wall!sex.

Colbert/Person: toy box

Colbert/Person: 4th of July in Iraq.
Colbert/Person: Brad is jealous. Angry/possessive sex ensues.
Colbert/Person: Post-Iraq. Brad visits Ray in Missouri.
Colbert/Person: Their daughter is at Brad's parents' house for the night.

Colbert/Person: Person is sleeping with a woman, but nothing compares to his Brad.

Colbert/Person: Brad takes Ray to NASCAR
Colbert/Person: Brad's realization that Ray is in fact a genius

Colbert/Person: drunk in Vegas
Colbert/Person: little lies
Colbert/Person: Nobody told him married sex was like this.
Colbert/Person: pool table
Colbert/Person: radio wires
Colbert/Person: Ray helps Brad get a dog
Colbert/Person: tutu

Colbert/Person: Discipline in the field.
Colbert/Person: If Ray doesn't shut up soon, Brad's going to have to turn him over his knee.

Colbert/Person: "Big hands, I know you're the one."

Colbert: It's winter in Babylon, and Brad is a long way from home. Thoughts of absent friends and missed holiday dinners. Masturbation.


Eckloff/Ferrando/Fick: Just how far will Nate go to keep his Marines safe?


Ensemble: "Don't Stop Believing" - Journey

Ensemble: Rock Star AU.


Espera/Fick: cigar smoke
Espera/Fick: free fall
Espera/Fick: rock the boat


Espera/Lilley: "Don't feel right unless I'm strac."
Espera/Lilley: "Get out that camera of yours, dog."
Espera/Lilley: What happens in Iraq stays in Iraq.

Espera/Lilley: teacher and student


Espera/Lovell: Just two married men, passing the time together.


Espera/OFC: He doesn't know what she sees in him, but he does his best to keep a smile on her face.
Espera/OFC: They have a babysitter with the kids and a hotel room all to themselves.

Ferrando/Sixta: five o'clock shadow.


Fick: combat jack

Fick: lonely


Fick/any: His first few months with Recon and it's become a case of who hasn't rather than who has hit on him.

Fick/any: dress blues
Fick/any: touch football
Fick/any: whiskey

Fick/any: aye, aye, sir
Fick/any: camouflage
Fick/any: gourmet

Fick/any: a 3am I-love-you-man phonecall
Fick/any: book signing


Fick/Hasser: Hershey's kisses


Fick/Patterson: leadership qualities and mutual admiration

Fick/Patterson: sweat


Fick/Person: nine o'clock
Fick/Person: on watch
Fick/Person: sunflower seeds


Fick/Reyes: chicken soup
Fick/Reyes: mind over matter
Fick/Reyes: temptation


Fick/Wynn: I will be your preacher teacher (Be your daddy)/Anything you have in mind (It would make me)/I will be your father figure (Very happy)(Song!fic for Father Figure by George Michael).
Fick/Wynn: Mike knows how to take care of Nate.
Fick/Wynn: Nate didn't think the paddle party would actually have paddling.
Fick/Wynn: When shit's fucked up in Iraq, sometimes Mike is the only one who can fix what's broken. Sometimes he can't, but that doesn't mean he can't fix Nate.

Fick/Wynn: cherry pie
Fick/Wynn: following orders
Fick/Wynn: rebellion

Garza/Hasser: looking out for each other.

Garza/Hasser: Jealousy kicks in after the gay Iraqi flirts with Gabe.

Garza/Hasser: there's something under all the joking.

Griego/Schwetje: just the right height


Hasser/any: Walt is fully aware of the allure of his tongue.


Hasser/Holsey: It comes in handy, being the two quietest Marines in the platoon.

Hasser/OFC: He likes the way she smells.

Hasser/Person: If Brad's doing the LT, then why aren't you doing me?
Hasser/Person: Post-War. Ray's visiting Walt at his farm in Virginia and night time in the barn looks awful fun.
Hasser/Person: Walt really shouldn't stick out his tongue like that; it gives Ray ideas.

Hasser/Person: feel the love
Hasser/Person: matchmaking

Hasser/Person: something based on Person's messy eating
Hasser/Person: "I dream to riot, oh you should try it" (On Your Own, Blur).
Hasser/Person: "Lacking my joie de vivre, missing my gay Paris in this desert dry" (The Legionnaire's Lament, The Decemberists)
Hasser/Person: Vegas

Hasser/Person: nipple piercing

Hasser/Person: comic books

Hasser/Person: "You think you're so smart, dont you?"
Hasser/Person: debating (about today's pop music?)
Hasser/Person: Ray likes Walt's pretty blue eyes. Walt likes Ray's lips.
Hasser/Person: subtlety (or a lack of it)
Hasser/Person: tattoos
Hasser/Person: Thailand
Hasser/Person: There's one thing Ray never talks about.
Hasser/Person: 'Wheaten Fields' becomes a reality, country duo/rock band AU, on tour

Hasser/Person: First time
Hasser/Person: I won't break, y'know
Hasser/Person: Use of whipped cream
Hasser/Person: Walt seems like your sweet golden boy, but he's an animal in the bedroom.

Hasser/Person: If Ray stopped talking he'd notice a lot more. Like Walt trying to get in his pants.

Hasser/Person: Walt's first tattoo

Hasser/Person: Ray prefers Walt's family to his own.


Holsey/Stinetorf: bigger and better


Kocher/Patrick: experienced


Lilley/any: him and his video camera

Lilley/any: Jason's had an interesting employment history; someone else in Bravo finds out. (Based on the TWoP description of Lilley looking exactly like gay porn.)


Lilley/OFC: It's fun, having your wife on libo with you.


Lilley/Swarr: They like making movies.


Lovell/Team Three: "Team Three will take it."


Manimal/Reyes: weightlifting spotter, admiration of fine physiques


McGraw: combat jack with an AK (and/or a red beret)

Patrick: Rough jerking off


Patrick/OFC: "Marry him not for money or riches, but for what hangs in his britches." (Anon quote)


Patrick/Reyes: intermission
Patrick/Reyes: neutrogena
Patrick/Reyes: noble intentions

Patrick/Reyes: shaving—everything

Patrick/Reyes: Sunset over ancient land with Pappy pressed against the side of the humvee.

Patrick/Reyes: Everyone else saw it coming.
Patrick/Reyes: First time.


Patterson/OFC(s): "The N.C.Os in my two shop who did the mapping named the streets after their favorite titty bars." (Combat Jack) One night on the town, he makes a point of checking out Cheetahs, Crazy Horse, Rhinos, and Seventh Veil.


Person: Knows way too much about this company.
Person: Wakes up a girl.

Person: Flagpole Sitta


Person/any: When Ray is needy, he doesn't care who he sticks it in.

Person/any: Ray performs better under pressure.


Person/OFC: The smell, the taste, the way she sounds...there isn't anything he doesn't like about going down.


Reyes: combat jack


Reyes/anyone: "When we're on libo, you wear Banana Republic Daisy Dukes shorts."

Reyes/any: Rudy's skin is baby soft, but he's rock solid


Wright: first combat jack

Wright: He did not just see Brad and the LT...




Black Hawk Down (movie)


Wynn, any pairing: Gunny served in Somalia (from the book), and he'll always love the Army just a little bit for what they lived through in the Mog, even if soldiers are dumb-ass-donkey-fuckers.


Burn Notice


Colbert/Michael Westen: meeting in Afghanistan
Colbert/Michael Westen: What happens when a burned spy comes across the Iceman on a job? (Bonus points for getting Fick in there as well, possibly with him working for some Government Agency?)


Dark Angel


Colbert/Fick: Manticore did what with our sperm?!


Star Trek: Reboot


Colbert/Fick: Being a Marine in the Federation can be an incredibly interesting gig, but when Bravo-2 gets assigned to the USS Enterprise for security through Klingon Space, will Brad and Nate go out of their mind with boredom, or will they find a way to pass the time?


Stargate Atlantis/SG-1


Colbert/Fick: They're in SG-1/SGA

Colbert/Fick: space vampires like the LTs on their knees


Colbert/Fick: Temeraire crossover


True Blood


Northman/Person: Why does a 1000-year-old vampire look like my former Team Leader? And what the fuck happened to his hair?


Real Person Slash:


Sands/Skarsgård: At the premiere.

Sands/Skarsgård: Coming out of the closet.


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