Welcome to the website for Get Some: A Generation Kill Porn Skirmish!

This Porn Skirmish is a celebration of the first year of the Generation Kill fandom. Based on the Porn Battle, its goal is to inspire the creation of sizzling hot fanfiction fan art, vids and/or icons based on the HBO miniseries.

Let's start with some definitions!

Get Some: As per the glossary of terms used in the miniseries on the HBO site (it can be found under the About The Series tab), “get some means to do any thing really cool like run a fast mile or kill someone: originally celebrated by Van Halen as a term that meant to get some pussy. Marines apply it to getting pussy, combat action or even coming up with a witty retort to a put-down; often used as an exclamation or cheer." For our purposes, Get Some means to write some scorching hot fiction or create a piece of fan work that makes screens melt.

Porn: The standard definition for pornography is writings, pictures, etc. intended primarily to arouse sexual desire. That just sounds so…dirty. So, for our purposes, porn is the production of erotic fiction or other forms of artwork that celebrate sexuality and the expression of carnal desire; the act of creating porn is both fun and pleasurable.

Skirmish: A brief fight or encounter between small groups, usually an incident of a battle. We take our military terms seriously in the GK fandom: this is a limited engagement, part of the larger fandom action that has already resulted in so many awesome stories, pictures, icons, and vids.

How it works:

As per the Porn Battle, there is a week in which people are invited to submit prompts. Fic submission opens on July 13, 2009 at 12.01 Zulu (i.e. GMT) – one year to the day of the premiere of the miniseries on HBO. The challenge will run for seven weeks, and in addition to creating fiction and art for the prompts contributed for the challenge, there will be a week-long episode-based challenge posted every Sunday night for the duration of the challenge. The challenge will close on August 31, 2009, at which point we will hopefully revel in massive amounts of porn!



July 3: Prompt submission opens.
July 10: Prompt submission closes.
July 13: The Skirmish begins! This week's challenge is for the episode Get Some.
July 20: The challenge for Get Some closes. A new weekly challenge is issued for The Cradle of Civilization.
July 27: The challenge for The Cradle of Civilization closes. A new weekly challenge is issued for Screwby.
August 3: The challenge for Screwby closes. A new weekly challenge is issued for Combat Jack.
August 10: The challenge for Combat Jack closes. A new weekly challenge is issued for A Burning Dog.
August 17: The challenge for A Burning Dog closes. A new weekly challenge is issued for Stay Frosty.
August 24: The challenge for Stay Frosty closes. A new weekly challenge is issued for A Bomb in the Garden.
August 31: The Skirmish ends!



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