This page will be updated as questions arise.  Last update July 12, 2009.





Q. May I leave prompts even if I'm not going to be producing anything for the challenge?
A. Yes.

Q. I want to give RPS (ie actor) prompts - is that allowed?
A. Yes.


Q. Is there a special format I should use when I post my story?
A. Yes. In the subject line, please list the pairing, the title, and the prompt, in that order. 


Colbert/Fick, The Sound of Music, musical theatre AU


Patrick/Reyes, Inevitable, everyone else saw it coming.

or (for the weekly episode challenge)
Colbert/Hasser, An NCO and a Gentleman, Episode Challenge: Get Some

If the entire prompt won't fit in the subject line, you can place it at the start of the comment.

Q. Are there any limits on how many people may write/make art for the same prompt?
A. No.

Q. Can I use multiple prompts in a story?
A. Yes. Please make sure that you list all of them if you do so.

Q. Can I fill a prompt with a story I've already posted?
A. No. The point of the story is to generate lots of new porn, and to that end, please don't repost fic here. You may continue a story – i.e. write a sequel to a already-posted story – if it fits the prompt.

Q. What is the maximum word count for stories?
A. The maximum comment length on livejournal is 4,300 characters (including spaces), which is very approximately 800 words. If you go over the limit, you can post either the porn part or the first part of the story in the comments, and add a link to a post with the full story at the end of the comment.

Q. When I've posted my story on the Skirmish, may I post it elsewhere?
A. Yes, you can post it wherever you wish.

Q. I don't have a livejournal, but would like to take part. May I leave stories anonymously?
A. No. If you do not have a livejournal account but would like to post a story, please email Shoshanna Gold.

Q. I wrote my story in Word, and the word count says it's less than 4,300 characters, but livejournal says my comment is too long - what do I do?
A. Sometimes Word and other software disagrees with blogs as to the exact number of characters, so you may have to trim your story a little if you're unable to post. Also, bear in mind that livejournal is counting the spaces between words, and any html formatting you might have used.


Q. I wrote a story based on a prompt and it isn't really that porny.
A. That's fine! The more the merrier: please post it here anyway.

Q. Is there a minimum word count?
A. No. You can submit haiku, six word porn, poetry, drabbles, etc.

Q. May I make art/a vid/a song?
A. Yes.


Q. I've made a video - does it matter where I upload it?
A. We want the archive to be a permanent record, so if you don't have anywhere to permanently upload your media, you can email oxoniensis who will host it on the Get Some website.


Q. I've made artwork - should I use a thumbnail, or is it okay to post the full size image?
A. If it's larger than 800 px wide or 500 kB, please use a thumbnail linking to the art, or to a post containing the art.