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built to hold and fit by figletofvenice, in the back of the humvee.





like a starfish by oxoniensis, somnophilia.


the echo of wind by oxoniensis, Brad's a low level telepath, but Nate happens to be one of those he picks up loud and clear.


Makes Me Wanna Scream by nightanddaze, threesome, whores don’t count, Colbert sees Fick getting laid.


Semper Fidelis Fideli Amato by oxoniensis, Brad draws on Nate's naked back.


Pucker Up by romanticalgirl, With those lips and eyes, Nate should have been a girl. Sometimes, Brad can't help making him up.


Tourists by kaneko, tourist.


Male Call by kahtyasofia, As an outlet for this thing he has for Nate, Brad writes - then immediately burns - filthy letters to Nate. When he's injured before he can burn the latest, Doc finds the letter and gives it to Nate (in case Brad gets casevaced). Brad doesn't.


So We’ll Survive by nightanddaze, home.


I am for my beloved by lunasky, writing on the body.


Don’t Lick Your Fingers When You Turn the Page by nightanddaze, writing on the body.


What You Need by shoshannagold, Brad holding Nate's penis for him while he pees.


untitled by trolleys, one shaving the other. [ART]


A Love Story in 32 Parts by kahtyasofia, teeth.


if it kills me by templemarker, "'Cause I always have to steal my kisses from you."


Promise by ricochet, based on the lyrics to the song Drive, by Melissa Ferrick.


batteries not required by oxoniensis, batteries.


say it's my instinct by templemarker, discovery.


A Little More Time with You by nightanddaze, there WAS an ex-BF for Nate, and he's trying to win Nate back from Brad.


lipstick my name across your mirror by templemarker, dirty talk.

Only Inaction by templemarker, "I like a man who grins when he fights."

Life Lesson #184: Don't go spelunking in Iraq by alethialia, fuck or someone will die.


The Sound of Silence by romanticalgirl, fuck or someone will die.


No OPLAN Ever Survives Initial Contact by lunasky, Nate (quietly) comes out. Brad hunts him down.


the glitter and fall by oxoniensis, Brad stumbles across Nate in the middle of what he thinks is a combat jack, but it turns out to be stress/exhaustion induced tears. Which Brad finds inexplicably arousing.


strange desires under friendly skies by thejazzter, lace underwear.


a serpentine course by foophile, In Bomb in the Garden, a few seconds after Brad climbs out of the hole, the bomb goes off, knocking him and Nate to the ground. Later, Colbert hunts Nate down, determined to repay him for saving his life.


field expediency by templemarker, distance, reunion.


Incongruent by dark_reaction, One of them talks in their sleep.


Exes and Ohs by romanticalgirl, there WAS an ex-BF for Nate, and he's trying to win him back from Brad.


Aggressor by dark_reaction, Nate is determined to have Brad. [ART]


Inclement Weather by romanticalgirl, Surprise meeting at the airport.


for the criticism of one (deterrence and provocation) by templemarker, "seduction is a slow campaign."


One Way Out by ricochet, AU in which Bravo Two is a platoon of wizards.


lunacy is in the air by aboutademongirl, biting his cherry-blossom lip.


A Joining in Mutual Need by kahtyasofia, fisting.

The Word That You Heard by dark_reaction, Halloween is Nate's favorite time of year.


The Care and Keeping of the Iceman, by Ray Person, Cpl. USMC, by bijoux, Brad's girlfriend wants him back. Ray doesn't approve and gets Nate involved. [ART]

The Good Hurt by bijoux, Brad holding Nate's penis for him while he pees.


an ability to improvise by templemarker, "I thought it was bigger."


14 Years In St. George's Service by ricochet, Outrageous (likely bullshit) stories of 'how I lost my virginity' are being exchanged; when asked, Nate jokes that he's still a virgin. Brad later corners him and offers to pop his cherry.

Pick of the Litter by shoshannagold, Domestic schmoop with kittens. And porn. But not porn with kittens.

untitled by trolleys, getting caught in the rain. [ART]

This Close to the Real Thing by alethialia, wet dreams.


No and Yes by ricochet, "Permission to jack off to your mouth, sir."


painting the silence blue by aboutademongirl, "I bet you wondered how I knew."

Johnny Walker Wisdom by romanticalgirl, A drunk Lt. Fick is not something Sgt. Colbert sees everyday...


as far east (north, south or west) by oxoniensis, Post series, Nate (quietly) comes out. Brad finds this out and hunts Nate down.


Mistakes We Knew We Were Making by snglesrvngfrend, Barman Nate AU.

The Divine Radiance of the Iceman by shoshannagold, fuck or someone will die.



Colbert/Fick with UST Person

If There’s Nothing Left to Say by nightanddaze, kissing in the dark.



Colbert/Fick, Person

Left 4 Dead: G-Kill Edition by alhazred, zombie hunting.




Strength and Guile by shoshannagold, Any pairing - "I'll do such things to ease your pain/Free your mind and you won't feel ashamed/Open up gonna come inside/Gonna fill you up/Make you cry" (lyric by Sophie B. Hawkins).




I Just Might Stop by nightanddaze, "Big hands, I know you're the one."


Two Marines and a Reporter Walk Into a Humvee by kitsunejin, Any pairing: don't ask, ain't telling.


Colbert/Person and Person/other

Life After Wartime by kitsunejin, Person: wakes up a girl.




He's a Man Who Pays Women For Sex by passionofmind, Brad still likes paying for it once in a while.




Sedation by mlyn, Kocher & Doc Bryan discussing methods of sedation involving Capt. America.




Pleasurably Warm by missdunham, They have a babysitter with the kids...





Immediate Action by romanticalgirl, If Brad's doing the LT, then why aren't you doing me?


A match made in heaven by missdunham, matchmaking.

How Was I Supposed to Know (Baby One More Time) by solookup, debating (about today's pop music?)




Hope Over Experience by templemarker, noble intentions.





Generation Kill/True Blood: Person/Northman

My TL's Thousand Year Old Twin by solookup, Why does a 1000 year old vamp look like my former TL? And what the fuck happened to his hair?